Discover the quality of our products, carefully sourced from around the globe and meticulously packaged in Canada.

Our primary focus is on providing plant-based nutrition that is both environmentally sustainable and healthy.

At Agrocrop, we treat your brand with the same care as we treat our own. We use only the highest quality ingredients and pay close attention to every detail when creating your private-label products. Our team takes great care in sourcing, packaging, and storing your products safely, ensuring that they are readily available for your customers. Whether you require a pillow bag, bulk bag, stand-up pouch, or lay-down pouch, you can depend on us to fulfill your orders reliably and keep your labels on your shelves.

While we bring in the best staples like beans, rice, and lentils from around the world through our global supply chain, we also make local sourcing a priority within Canada.

Our Products

Light Kidney Beans

Dark Kidney Beans

Navy Beans

Pinto Beans

Romano Beans

Black Turtle Beans

Large Lima Beans

Small White Beans

Great Northern Beans

Black Eye Beans

Red Chilli Beans

Moong Beans

Moong Dal (Split Moong Beans)

Moong Split

Urad Dal (Split Black matpe)

Urad Gota

Urad Whole

Urad Split

Moth Whole

Val Dal

Val Whole

Val Ranguni

Red Chori

Horse Gram

Red Lentils whole (Crimson)

Red Split Lentils (Masoor Dal)

Green Lentils

Football Lentils

Green Peas

Green Split Peas

Yellow Peas

Yellow Split Peas

Toor Whole

Toor Dal Oily

Toor Dal (Split Pigeon Peas)

Chana Dal (Split Desi Chickpeas)

Desi Chickpeas (Kala Chana)

Green Chana

Kabuli Chickpeas

Long Grain White Rice

Ready to Serve Jasmine & Basmati Rice

Ready to Serve Long Grain, Chicken, & Brown Rice

Jasmine Rice

Pearl Barley

Pot Barley


Haleem Wheat

Soft White Wheat

Select Grans

Soup Mix